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Annual Report 2016/2017

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Featured Publications

A Helping Hand – A Palliative Caregivers Guidebook

What’s Left of Me: A Former Addict’s Pilgrimage To Forgiveness In His Final Days

Time Capsule 1989-2014: A Collection of Moments and Milestones

P.S. Grandpa, I Love You – A Storybook dedicated to the late Bapak (Father)

A lifetime’s legacy of Home Cooked Favourites 

For Doctors: Patient Referral Form

To qualify for either hospice home care or day care service, patients have to be referred to HCA Hospice Care by their doctors, who should complete an application form. Please click here for a patient referral form.

Independent Charity Analysis by NVPC

Standard Report, November 2011
Basic Report, November 2011

Useful Links

Singapore Hospice Council
An umbrella group incorporating organisations dealing with hospice and palliative care in Singapore.

TOUCH Caregivers Support
Information centre and support service for caregivers for tips on home care and emotional support.

The Asian Business Case Centre
Publishes case studies about Asian management and the Asian business experience.

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