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Vigil Angels

Vigil Angels is a service which provides humanistic support focusing on the dignity of an imminently dying patient. The Vigil Angels experience brings immense comfort and peace to the patient and also the family, knowing that the best possible care was delivered compassionately and professionally to their loved one, in their final hours.
Even the best of caregivers are often too distressed, when their loved one is actively dying. The fear of causing more harm and discomfort to the patient, often results in sub-optimal care. Vigil Angels seeks to bridge this gap, to provide the grieving family with an additional layer of support, to enable the family to have the space and time to sit quietly with their dying loved one.
Volunteers under this programme engage the dying patient, by working to soothe the five human senses. Some of the tasks that they undertake include:

Currently, we are not accepting new volunteers for the Vigil Angels programme, but you may consider donating to support the initiative, or joining us in other volunteer roles. Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates!