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Who We Are

HCA Hospice (HCA) is Singapore’s largest home hospice care provider and is a registered charity since 1989. As a charity, we provide comfort and support to patients with life-limiting illnesses regardless of age, religion, ethnicity, nationality and financial status.

Our core service, home hospice care, is provided at no charge to about 3,600 patients annually. As our patients vary from newly-born infants to the elderly, we also operate a Day Hospice programme for mobile patients and paediatric palliative care (Star PALS) programme for children as part of our core services. Our 24/7 hotline ensures help is available round-the-clock.

Besides medical care for patients, we provide psychological support for our patients and their caregivers as well, in the form of bereavement support and outreach programmes, such as the Young Caregivers Programme (yCG). As an NCSS Centre of Specialisation for palliative care, we conduct palliative care training for caregivers to equip them with the requisite skills.


To be the centre of excellence for home hospice care.


HCA Hospice is committed to
Ensuring the best quality of life for our patients by delivering professional palliative care and providing compassionate support to their families.
Nurturing the dedicated individuals who make our work possible and serve our community through continued learning and development.


Compassion – Journeying with our patients with care and understanding; pacing them through their last moments of life.
Professionalism – Providing quality end-of-life care to all patients.
Respect – Placing the needs of our patients at the forefront of our service, according them the dignity every human deserves.

Our Logo

Our corporate logo depicts our service philosophy.
The stylised Chinese character for
is used here both as a symbol and a design element to reflect that we are an organisation that is human-centric. The logo’s house-like shape highlights our service as the largest palliative home care provider with the stylised character sitting on the organisation’s name like a roof of a house. The colour pink is associated with the universal love of others, and also depicts tenderness.

Our Roots

Awards And Accolades

We are committed to organisational excellence and delivering high-quality service. To date, our healthcare professionals have garnered numerous Healthcare Humanity Awards, Ministry of Health Nurses’ Merit Awards and ILTC Excellence Service Awards.
As an organisation, we have been conferred the President’s Volunteerism and Philanthropy Award in 2013, the Good Practice Merit Award for Productivity and Innovation in 2015 and also the Charity Transparency Award in 2017, 2018 and 2019.