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Gift A Day

Each birthday, anniversary and significant moments in life, are milestones and ones to be celebrated. Make your birthday or anniversary extra special and meaningful, by dedicating it to terminally ill patients, with your gift of love and compassion.

Celebrate with us today

Creating a celebratory fundraiser has an impact far greater than you can imagine. You are involving your family and friends to contribute to a meaningful cause that is closest to your heart, and in doing so, they will also be playing a key part in impacting the lives of the terminally ill. Your act of good will also inspire them to continue giving to your chosen charity or to create their own celebratory fundraiser!

Make celebrations more meaningful by gifting your birthday, anniversary or any significant milestone in your life to HCA. As all our services are funded by philanthropy, your gift of love and compassion will enable us to continue providing quality palliative care to terminally ill patients.

 ‘Gift Your Day’ in three simple steps:
You may refer to our toolkit for detailed instructions on how to create a celebratory fundraising campaign. For more details, please contact [email protected].

Past Celebrations:

Jade Seah's Naughty Forty

Naughty or nice? Local media personality Jade Seah proves you can be both with her Naughty Forty birthday celebration, where in lieu of gifts, she invited her loved ones to share her joy by making a donation to HCA. “Life has treated me well and I am humbled by all the blessings I have received, I would like to give back and hope that others will be inspired to consider sharing a special day with HCA too,” Jade says.

Celebrating 80 years of Ah Gong's Life
In memory of her late Ah Gong (grandfather), who was our patient, Shu Huan dedicated this fundraiser, to what would have been his 82nd birthday. She hopes more terminally ill patients can receive care in the comfort of their homes, just like her Ah Gong did.
Mike's Living Funeral
For our late patient Mike, her living funeral was a final act of love – to connect with her friends amidst a cosy atmosphere, and to raise awareness of HCA’s work and hospice care in general, even encouraging her guests to gift to HCA in lieu of condolence monies. Mike may have passed on, but her legacy of love and warm spirit will always be remembered. In Mike’s speech at the event, she said, “I wish people would know more about HCA and palliative care. They have helped me so much, in seeing the light in the tunnel.”