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HCA Hospice provides Star PALS (Paediatric Advanced Life Support), a service dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and minors up to 19 years of age, with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions. This may range from neurological or congenital conditions to childhood cancers.

Star PALS endeavours to be a beacon in paediatric palliative care that lights up the life of every child and their families in Singapore.

The rationale behind our logo design:

No matter how brief a shooting star lights up the night sky, its brilliant trail leaves a path of hope for all to see.

starPALs Introduction

Who we are

A multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals and volunteers will partner with the patients’ primary healthcare providers to deliver customised holistic treatment plans.

Believing that every child’s life is precious, Star PALS’ focus is to enable patients to live their lives to the fullest, through quality care, in the comfort of their own homes.

These professionals will also provide families with support and guidance in making medical decisions during the course of their child’s treatment and, also, at critical junctures.

starPALs Introduction
starPALs Introduction Allied Health Specialists Counsellor Medical Social Workers Medical Professionals Primary Physicians & Hospitals Respite Care Volunteers

Primary physicians & Hospitals

Medical professionals

Counsellors and Medical Social Workers

Allied Health Specialists


Respite Care

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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