Be a Volunteer

We welcome individuals and organizations to join us in caring for our patients and are happy to explore the many options that best meet your objectives, interests and skill, whether you prefer connecting with patients or volunteering your skills and expertise to the administrative staff.

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You may contact us at 6891 9535 / 6891 9422 for more information.

Our volunteer coordinator will get in touch, interview you, and schedule you for an orientation and training programme. This is compulsory before you take on any duties that require you to work directly with patients.

Matching Your Interests

Upon completion of the orientation and training, our Volunteer Coordinator will then match you with a suitable assignment, which might include the following roles:

  1. Befriending - interact with patients and their family members in small groups once a week, or interact with patients at our day hospice centre.
  2. Housekeeping - come together in groups to help clean the homes of patients who live alone.
  3. Keeping medical appointments -  help patients keep medical appointments by accompanying patients for their follow-up appointments.
  4. Helping as van assistants/drivers – Drive our vans or assist our drivers when they pick patients up from their homes in the morning and give them a lift home in the evening.
  5. Assisting in activity of therapy - help out during therapy sessions, games and general activities for patients who come to the day hospice centre.
  6. Event organising - help facilitate events such as Sunflower Remembrance Day or organise outings for patients.
  7. General administrative help - help our staff with general administrative tasks such as filing, lettershopping and data entry.
  8. Volunteers with special skills - expertise in areas such as hairdressing, make-up, photography can help fulfill patients’ wishes for family portraits. Skills in translation, copywriting, website management, videography and graphic design are needed to help HCA Hospice Care in corporate communications and publicity efforts.
  9. Outreach work - work with young minds to inculcate intergeneral understanding and values. Sign up as a facilitator in our Young Caregivers Programme.
  10. Respite Caregiving - help relieve the stress of caregivers. Medi-Minders help take care of the children under our Star PALS programme.