Young Caregivers Programme



The Young Caregivers (yCG) Programme addresses the increasing elderly population in Singapore by targeting the youth – raising their awareness of the elderly, inculcating values, and stressing the benefits of building relationships with them.

Objectives of the yCG Programme

  1. Promote inter-generational understanding and communication.
  2. Encourage youths to evaluate family situations and realign their thinking to channel into responsible, positive actions.
  3. Nurture youths to be good caregivers, mindful of elderly needs and palliative care, from an impressionable age. This is particularly important because of the rising numbers of youths who have to undertake caregiving.

How does the yCG programme work?

The yCG programme is designed for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level students, and is conducted as part of the curriculum. The sessions are tailored to fit schools’ Character Education or Civics & Moral Education periods, and may also be relevant to co-curricular activities.

1. yCG Workshops

A Touch of Love (Primary & Secondary Levels)
This programme makes use of two specially-produced videos to spark discussion. Upper Primary students watch a drama video teaching students to have care and concern for the elderly and elderly sick, and educating them about life-limiting illnesses.

The video used for Secondary students features re-enactments, and interviews with young caregivers, who share how they have taken care of loved ones. This helps students engage in real issues in palliative care.

Project ALIVE (Post-secondary and Tertiary Levels)
This programme uses reflective questions and facilitation methods to engage students in discussions of life and relationships with the elderly. Excerpts from ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ are used for teaching material.

2. Values in Action

Students get the chance to contribute their time. From planning programmes for our day hospice patients to visiting the homes of our home hospice patients, these students learn these values first-hand.

3. Video Discussion Workshop

Working with The Necessary Stage, we have produced Don’t Know Don’t Care, a drama about a boy and his ailing grandfather. Originally conceived as a live theatre forum which ran for 3 seasons, Don’t Know Don’t Care has been produced as a film, extending its reach to more students. Through post-show discussions and FAQs, this workshop is another means of helping students understand intergenerational matters.

4. yCG Training

The yCG Training is a youth’s version of the Palliative Caregivers Training we provide. Tailored for youth, this programme will equip students with basic skills they can use to care for the elderly or the elderly sick.

Join us!

Join our team of yCG Facilitators if you think you have what it takes to touch young lives, inspiring them to make a difference in the lives of those who have everything to live for but very little time left to live.

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Interested in bringing yCG to your school or organisation? Simply contact us at ycg@hcahospicecare.org.sg.

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