Palliative Caregivers Programme

• Basic infection control
• Oral care
• Personal hygiene
(bed baths, hair wash,
skin care, bed tidying)
• Tube feeding
• Urinary catheter care
• Transferring patients
• Symptom management
• Managing emergencies
• Massage
• Effective communication
• Use of home-use equipment:
(hospital bed, wheelchair,
oxygen concentrator)
• Sharing session

HCA Hospice Care has been appointed by the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) to be the national agency providing palliative caregivers training in Singapore.

The 5-hour Palliative Caregivers Training equips caregivers with the skills and knowledge to look after their loved ones, and the holistic understanding about the needs of palliative care patients.

It is open to patients’ families and caregivers from all hospices and palliative care units, as well as anyone who is looking after patients at home.

If you or your family members would like to attend the training, you can either:

  1. Call us at 6251 2561, or
  2. Print out and fill in the form for the corresponding month below and submit it in one of the two ways:
    1. By fax to 6352 2030,
    2. By email to admin@hcahospicecare.org.sg.

September 2017 | October 2017 | November 2017

Training sessions are conducted in English. Participants need only pay $10 for a comprehensive guidebook and light refreshments.

The remaining cost of the training programme will be claimed by HCA directly from the Agency for Integrated Care’s Caregiver Training Grant.

4423 Sep 2017HCA Woodlands Centre12 - 5.30pm
4523 Sep 2017HCA Hospice Care (HQ)12 - 5.30pm
467 Oct 2017HCA - Loving Heart (Jurong) Centre12 - 5.30pm
4714 Oct 2017HCA Bedok Centre12 - 5.30pm
4821 Oct 2017HCA - Ci Yuan (Hougang) Centre12 - 5.30pm
4921 Oct 2017HCA Woodlands Centre12 - 5.30pm
5028 Oct 2017HCA Hospice Care (HQ)12 - 5.30pm
514 Nov 2017HCA - Loving Heart (Jurong) Centre12 - 5.30pm
5211 Nov 2017HCA Bedok Centre12 - 5.30pm
5318 Nov 2017HCA - Ci Yuan (Hougang) Centre12 - 5.30pm
5418 Nov 2017HCA Woodlands Centre12 - 5.30pm
5525 Nov 2017HCA Hospice Care (HQ)12 - 5.30pm