Overview of Services

Hospice care is most appropriate when a patient no longer benefits from curative treatment and life expectancy is at less than 12 months. Generally focused on pain and symptom control, hospice care enables patients to spend their last days with dignity and have a good quality of life.

These patients may suffer from any type of life-limiting illness, including end-stage cancer, end-stage heart disease, end-stage renal failure, AIDS and Alzheimer’s Disease, among other illnesses. We serve anyone who requires palliative care, regardless of age, religion, ethnicity, nationality and financial status.

Our palliative and hospice care services:

  • HCA Home Hospice
  • HCA Day Hospice
  • Star PALS for children

Our support services:

  • Psychosocial and bereavement support
  • Palliative Caregivers Programme
  • Young Caregivers Programme
  • Home care equipment loan

For more information, you may watch the Caregivers’ Training Videos here!