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8 Mar 2017Lianhe Zaobao - Implementing Advanced Care Planning reduces suffering for terminally ill children
Mar 2017Hospice Link - Building a future of caring for others (Pravin)
Mar 2017Hospice Link - Building a future of caring for others (Aloysius)
23 Feb 2017Lianhe Zaobao - HCA patient shares her final wish by producing a cookbook to raise funds
Jan 2017moSAIC - Nurses Merit Award and ILTC Manpower Development Award 2016
3 Jan 2017Lianhe Wanbao - Resilience of woman with cancer allowed her to live another 7 years
1 Jan 2017Straits Times - More donations received during 2016 festive season


Dec 2016Hospice Link - The Promise
Dec 2016Hospice Link - Coping with the lost of a child
27 Dec 2016Lianhe Wanbao - Patient born with rare syndrome disorder
21 Dec 2016Lianhe Wanbao - Patient optimism allowed him to overcome stomach cancer, successfully extends his life
13 Dec 2016Lianhe Wanbao - Helping patients open up and approach death bravely
8 Dec 2016Straits Times - Jaga-Me helps give caregivers a break
7 Dec 2017Lianhe Wanbao - Nurse helps cancer stricken child fulfil her dream of creating a music video
29 Nov 2016Lianhe Wanbao - Social worker helps cancer patient fulfill last wish, brings him to nursing home to visit son with cerebal palsy
27 Nov 2016Straits Times - Some charities seeing dip in donations
15 Nov 2016Lianhe Wanbao - Woman writes cookbook to donate proceeds to care centre
08 Nov 2016Lianhe Wanbao - Nurse folds 22 paper tulips to help Aunty fight cancer
01 Nov 2016Lianhe Wanbao - Nurse visits for 4 months to keep uncle with cancer company for his last lap
25 Oct 2016Lianhe Wanbao - Grateful for a life without regrets, he only wishes his book gets published
24 Oct 2016Lianhe Wanbao - Bringing you into the world of palliative care
19 Aug 2016Lianhe Zaobao - Going the distance for charity - Marathoning for Love
19 Jul 2016Lianhe Zaobao - Lim Nghee Huat runs Ultramarathon to fundraise for HCA Hospice Care
19 Jul 2016Straits Times - Lim Nghee Huat, Ultramarathoner to raise charity funds
19 Jul 2016Channel 8 News - 超级马拉松健将林义发 8月赴英国长跑320公里筹款
18 Jul 2016Straits Times Online - Mr Lim Nghee Huat, Ultramarathoner, 63, to run 320km across England to raise funds for hospice care
06 May 2016National Healthcare Group - 101 Healthcare Heroes Lauded at Healthcare Humanity Awards 2016
21 Apr 2016Lianhe Zaobao - Young cancer patient host art exhibition themed HOPE
21 Apr 2016 e-hospice - 23 year old artist with cancer and two months prognosis hosts solo art exhibition
19 Apr 2016Straits Times - His art show is expression of hope despite pain
20 Mar 2016Sunday Times - When a fellow patient dies
Mar 2016 Hospice Link - Ensuring the wellness of your mind, body and soul
Mar 2016Hospice Link - A Beautiful Departure
24 Feb 2016TODAY - Every day is a fight for toddler’s survival
Feb 2016 APHN E-newsletter - Mind, Body, Soul Well Taken Care of
30 Jan 2016Wanbao - Taking Patients out on an Outing


8 Dec 2015Wanbao - 400 play Santa to bring warmth this Christmas
7 Dec 2015The Strait Times - The terminally ill cherish memory of wishes fulfilled
Dec 2015Hospice Link - The battle of Nanyang Hill and its aftermath
Dec 2015Hospice Link - Reformed Addict's new take on life
Dec 2015Lien Centre for Palliative Care - Methadone Switch @ Home Rediscovering an Old Friend in a New Place
22 Nov 2015Lianhe Zaobao - Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital to improve nursing home services
21 Nov 2015Channel NewsAsia - SIT students to help improve eldercare at Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital
19 Oct 2015Lianhe Zaobao - Young director shooting microfilm to let the society understand palliative care
19 Oct 2015SG50 and Beyond- Deutsche Bank's Commitment to the Singapore Community
11 Oct 2015 The Straits Times - A Race in Memory of his Daughter
9 Oct 2015Shin Min Daily News - Two Fathers Running to Raise Funds for HCA Hospice Care
Oct / Nov 2015 North West CDC Connection - Joy and Comfort in Artistic Expression
25 Sep 2015The New Paper - Foreigner volunteers weekly despite language barrier
21 Sep 2015 APHN - Not just a Doctor, a family member
18 Sep 2015 Straits Times Forum - Superb Healthcare Team for Mum
6 Sep 2015The Straits Times - Not quite a walk in the park, but it's for charity
Sep 2015SSO @ Woodlands and Sembawang Newsflash
Sep 2015Hospice Link - Giving it her all
Sep 2015Hospice Link - Star PALS Medi Minder
11 Aug 2015 e-hospice - Hidden lives of children with genetic conditions highlighted in World Day Report
Jul / Aug 2015Africa Magazine- Hospice Africa Uganda
26 July 2015Wanbao - Sheau Wen Volunteering till the end
July 2015 Mother and Baby - Featuring Dr Elaine Kim
Jun / Jul 2015 CENTREPiece - Strict Governance with a Righteous Heart
Jun 2015Hospice Link - Splashing good times with Star PALS
Jun 2015Hospice Link - All I want is to wake up the next day
23 Jun 2015 The New Paper - Dealing with death and burnout
10 Jun 2015 Jakarta Post - No one has to die alone Palliative care lends a helping hand
May 2015 mosAIC - Enhancing care through quality and productivity
30 May 2015 TODAY - As population ages, more are confronting the last taboo
22 May 2015Berita Harian - 550 additional beds for patients
22 May 2015Shin Min Daily News - Outram Community Hospital ground breaking ceremony
22 May 2015The Straits Times- New Outram Community Hospital to ease bed crunch
22 May 2015 MyPaper - New Outram Community Hospital ground breaking. Coping with aging health care needs
22 May 2015Lianhe Wanbao - Outram Community Hospital activities centre will simulate two room flat
22 May 2015 TODAY - New hospital in Outram to focus on rehabilitation care
22 May 2015Lianhe Zaobao - Outram Community Hospital to provide 500 beds in 5 years
16 Mar 2015 Sina - Singapore - Achieving Civilisation 3.0
1 Mar 2015Lianhe Wanbao - Hospice care to help patients enjoy their last days
Mar 2015 Hospice Link - Teaching the young that charity begins at home
Mar 2015Hospice Link - "There's still so much I'm lucky for"
Mar 2015Hospice Link - Music: a vehicle, a language, a tool
29 Feb 2015Business Times - Taking Heart
22 Feb 2015Lianhe Wanbao - Medical social worker helps to resolve family conflicts
7 Feb 2015TODAY - More private players enter caregiving sector
7 Feb 2015Lianhe Wanbao - Hospice care volunteers treat patients like children
1 Feb 2015Lianhe Wanbao - Palliative care nurses on duty 24 hours a day
25 Jan 2015Lianhe Wanbao - Folding paper cranes every day to encourage other patients
1 Jan 2015BEAM- Collaborative care for children


29 Dec 2014Lianhe Zaobao - Bidding farewell to patients on their deathbeds
27 Dec 2014Straits Times - Strumming for a good cause
23 Dec 2014The New Paper - Playing for a cause
21 Dec 2014Lianhe Wanbao - Teen with muscular dystrophy sells painting to pay for medical bills
18 Dec 2014Straits Times (Mind Your Body) - Spreading Yuletide joy to the sick
3 Nov 2014Lianhe Wanbao - Dr Tan Poh Kiang runs 100km to raise funds
26 Oct 2014Lianhe Zaobao - Marsiling day care centre makes it convenient for the terminally ill to keep active
21 Oct 2014Lianhe Zaobao - DPM Teo: citizens should learn more about palliative care for their own sake
19 Oct 2014Straits Times - End-of-life care to be improved-DPM Teo
5 Oct 2014The New Paper - Doing good in the long run
1 Oct 2014Rapport - Steps to stepping down
15 Sep 2014Sin Ming Ri Bao - Doctors-to-be transformed to angels
1 Sep 2014Hospice Link - Our Lois- Star PALS's first graduate
1 Sep 2014Hospice Link - Operation Theater 2014: Atlas Unbound
1 Sep 2014Hospice Link-Kang Le-HCAs spanking new day hospice
1 Sep 2014Hospice Link - Be Part of HCA's Journey
1 Aug 2014TODAY - A tribute to palliative nurses
31 Jul 2014Straits Times - Getting from C to A in palliative care
23 Jul 2014Today - NCSS to develop framework for volunteer organisations
23 Jul 2014Straits Times - Steady rise in charities' social spending: NCSS
5 Jul 2014Straits Times (Mind Your Body) - Honouring last wishes
23 Jun 2014TODAY - To live well, change how we view medical care
1 Jun 2014Hospice Link - Introducing HCA's new president, Dr Tan Poh Kiang
1 Jun 2014Hospice Link - Celebrating Life at HCA's 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner
31 May 2014 Shin Ming Ri Bao - Hospice care
26 May 2014Lianhe Wanbao - Doctor inspired by dying patient to specialise in palliative care
21 May 2014Straits Times - Patient-controlled pain relief-hospices reply
28 Apr 2014Business Times - Taking Heart (Deloitte)
23 Mar 2014Lianhe Zaobao - Dr Seet Ai Mee steps down as HCA President (Mandarin with English Translation)
Jan-Mar 2014Hospice Link (Chinese) - Paediatric palliative care - not just about the children
Jan-Mar 2014Hospice Link (Chinese) - Chinese New Year Photo Spread
Jan-Mar 2014Hospice Link - Chinese New Year Photo Spread
Jan-Mar 2014Hospice Link - Family photo shoots - in photos
Jan-Mar 2014Hospice Link - Understanding Palliative Care
Jan-Mar 2014Hospice Link - A view out in the field
4 Feb 2014The New Paper - Round-the-clock care and it's free
16 Jan 2014SMA - My life, my legacy
Jan-Feb 2014Singhealth - Letting patients live... before they leave


Dec 2013Hospice Link - 67000 young lives, 10 years and the President's Award for Social Impact
Dec 2013Hospice Link - Paediatric palliative care - Not just about the children
16 Dec 2013Business Times-Taking Heart
12 Dec 2013Berita Harian - Illness forgotten for a while (Malay with English translation)
11 Dec 2013ZBnow - Help-Portrait-capturing beautiful moments for the disadvantaged (Mandarin with English translation)
8 Dec 2013Lianhe Zaobao - Critically ill youngsters will be able to set up advance care plans (Mandarin with English translation)
Nov 2013 SingHealth - Doctor wanted my grandmother to go home (Mandarin)
18 Nov 2013 The Online Citizen - Celebrating Caregiving - 2013 Model Caregiver Awards
17 Nov 2013 The Sunday Times - The doctor who helps patients die well
16 Nov 2013 Yahoo Singapore - 2013 Model Caregiving Domestic Helper Award
4 Nov 2013 The Sunday Times - Hospices face space and manpower crunch
1 Nov 2013 LHZB - Terminally ill patients not aware of nursing services (Mandarin with English Translation)
27 Oct 2013 Channel 8 News Tonight - Star PALS (10:52)
24 Oct 2013 SALT Online - Doing good well: nine win 2013 President’s awards
24 Oct 2013 TODAY - Philanthropy rates high but society still needs to learn to take charge
24 Oct 2013 The Straits Times - Willing heart earns retiree top honours
23 Oct 2013 Channel News Asia Singapore Tonight - President's Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards (17:45)
23 Oct 2013 Channel News Asia - Nine honoured at volunteerism & philanthropy awards.
22 Oct 2013 The Straits Times - Unspoken tales for festival
16 Oct 2013 TODAYonline - Bringing palliative care home to more patients
16 Oct 2013 TODAY - Bringing palliative care home to more patients
15 Oct 2013Channel News Asia Singapore Tonight - Star PALS (10:09)
15 Oct 2013 TODAYonline - MOH looking to expand palliative care and raise standards
14 Oct 2013 Channel 8 News Tonight - Star PALS (15:42)
Sep 2013 Hospice Link - My calling in palliative care
Sep 2013 Hospice Link - Hand in Hand with Star PALS
29 Sep 2013 The Sunday Times - Give eldercare the same urgency as childcare
24 Sep 2013 The New Paper - Penning his last goodbyes
23 Sep 2013 UWeekly - Doctor wanted my grandmother to go home (Mandarin)
22 Sep 2013 The Sunday Times - Behind the Silver Surge - The Caregivers
9 Sep 2013 The New Paper - He didn't want to give up
6 Sep 2013 The Straits Times - Mousetrap set for Singapore
1 Sep 2013 The Sunday Times - Death and dealing with digital assets
Jul - Aug 2013BEAM - Helping Ill Children with Palliative Care
17 Aug 2013Lianhe Zaobao - Because you are you (Mandarin with English Translation)
11 Aug 2013 The Sunday Times - More trained palliative care nurses
27 Jul 2013The Straits Times - The Friend
17 Jul 2013Lianhe Zaobao - HCA Hospice Care Volunteer Profile: Tan Hong Yu (Mandarin)
Jun 2013
SMA News Vol 45 No. 6 - Home: Where The Care Is
24 Jun 2013The Straits Times - Singapore Team on Palliative Care Project in Myanmar
23 Jun 2013The Sunday Times - More Patients Living Out Final Days at Home
30 Apr 2013The New Paper - Nurse Helps Arrange Funeral for Patient
30 Apr 2013Channel News Asia - Healthcare Humanity Awards for 54 workers
23 Feb 2013Wan Bao News - 20 Volunteers Lead Elderly in "Laughing Yoga" to Destress (Mandarin)
18 Feb 2013UWeekly - A Life of Regret, a Legacy of Hope (Mandarin)
28 Jan 2013The New Paper - A Life of Regret, a Legacy of Hope


17 Dec 2012The New Paper - Hospice Gets Dose of Xmas Cheer
14 Dec 2012The Business Times - Bringing Cheer to Patients at Homes
05 Nov 2012TODAY - Dying at home is expensive
25 Oct 2012The New Paper - Ice cream comfort for hospice patients
22 Oct 2012The New Paper - In and out of jail since he was a teen, 53-year-old drug addict is now dying of cancer
21 Oct 2012The Straits Times - Home help for sick kids, families
21 Oct 2012Lianhe Zaobao - Star PALS extends reach to include paediatrics palliative care (Chinese)
20 Oct 2012Channel News Asia - New home palliative programme launched
13 Oct 2012The New Paper - Each patient helps to keep me going
10 Oct 2012mypaper (via Asia One) - Singapore needs to change filial-piety mindset
10 Sep 2012The Straits Times - Fund helps the dying live last days at home (English)
10 Sep 2012Lianhe Zaobao - Fund helps the dying live last days at home (Mandarin)
06 Sep 2012TODAY - Why the truth is sometimes better
16 Apr 2012The Straits Times - More can be done for dying children: Study
24 Mar 2012The Straits Times - Dolphin therapy for terminally ill
19 Mar 2012The Straits Times - Guidelines Soon on Pain Management
15 Mar 2012Life! Arts - Necessary celebrations
4 Feb 2012Channel News Asia - MediaCorp throws Lunar New Year party for HCA Hospice Care


31 Dec 2011Yahoo! News - Not your usual kind of hospice
08 Dec 2011The Straits Times - Trading and dealing for sake of charity
07 Dec 2011Yahoo! Singapore Entertainment - Irene Ang, newsmakers have fun 'trading' for charity
19 Oct 2011The Straits Times - Growing (old) pains
16 Oct 2011TODAY - Bringing GPs into the palliative care network
16 Oct 2011Channel News Asia - HCA Hospice Care partners GPs to improve end-of-life care
7 Oct 2011mypaper - Love, in a time of old age and sickness
26 Sep 2011Lianhe Zaobao - Public awareness of hospice care lacking in
Singapore (Mandarin)
26 Sep 2011Lianhe Zaobao - Public awareness of hospice care lacking in
Singapore (English translation)
4 Sep 2011The Sunday Times - Never say die - that's Seet Ai Mee
3 Sep 2011The Straits Times (Special Report) - The Last Outfit
3 Sep 2011Lianhe Zaobao - Dying without regrets (Mandarin)
3 Sep 2011Lianhe Zaobao - Dying without regrets (English translation)
24 Jun 2011mypaper - Genie dreams of helping those in their final days
21 Feb 2011TODAY Online - Celebrating with MediaCorp
19 Feb 2011Channel News Asia - MediaCorp hosts beneficiaries from HCA Hospice


27 Nov 2010The Straits Times - Living Before Leaving
27 Nov 2010The Straits Times - Zest for life helps her stay strong
18 Sep 2010Channel News Asia - Volunteers bring festive joy to Muslim patients of HCA Hospice Care
29 Jul 2010Mind Your Body Hospice Care Versatile Hospice Staff
24 Jul 2010Channel News Asia - Patients from HCA Hospice Care enjoy day out with MediaCorp volunteers
23 Jul 2010Business Times - Spore Garden Festival Makes Their_Day
10 Mar 2010The Straits Times - Bed Crunch at Hospices
31 Jan 2010The Straits Times - Treat narcissism with dose of volunteerism