Vision, Mission & Values

At HCA Hospice Care, we understand the medical and psychological needs of patients, caregivers and their families. By managing pain and other symptoms with the specialised care and support we provide, patients can spend their last days in comfort with their families.

Our Vision

To be the centre of excellence for home hospice care

Our Mission

HCA Hospice Care is committed to:

Ensuring the best quality of life for our patients by delivering professional palliative care and providing compassionate support to their families

Nurturing the dedicated individuals who make our work possible and serve our community through continued learning and development

Our Values




Our Logo

Following a rebranding exercise in 2012, the corporate logo was redesigned. The stylised Chinese character for human is used here both as a symbol and a design element to reflect that we are an organisation that is human-centric. The logo’s house-like shape highlights our service as the largest palliative home care provider with the stylised character sitting on the organisation’s name like a roof of a house. The colour pink symbolises love.