“Precious Gems 14″ – Dancing Gems



There were helium filled balloons everywhere and many young people were mingling in a carnival-like atmosphere. At the Aliwal Arts Centre, our Young Caregivers Programme (yCG) team was, for the first time, putting on an event “Colour the Wind, a dance presentation”. Three Primary schools and eight Secondary schools were participating and the audience included our Daycare patients, school principals, … Read More

Gifts from the Heart

Wei Shi TohDonors, May / June 2017

Inner Wheel Club

The Inner Wheel Club of Singapore sponsors syringe drivers, devices that are instrumental in HCA’s work. It is said the best gifts are those given with much thought and consideration for the needs of the recipient. The members of Inner Wheel Club of Singapore, part of an international women’s service voluntary organisation, were motivated to bestow HCA with a meaningful … Read More

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Kind Benefactors

Wei Shi TohA Note of Thanks!, Donors, May / June 2017


Donors are vital to our survival! HCA’s annual operating costs incurred from serving our patients are partially funded by MOH and NCSS. We rely on kind donations from members of the public and corporations to cover the rest of our expenditure. We would like to highlight and thank the following corporate and community partners for their generosity in April and May 2017: … Read More

Staying Strong

Wei Shi TohMay / June 2017

How should we respond when death knocks on the door? Conversations pertaining to end-of-life issues are never easy to broach. Death and dying are topics that are still shrouded in taboo, and which many take an avoidant approach to. At the start of the year, a group of Ngee Ann Polytechnic students approached HCA Hospice Care to collaborate on a … Read More

When Dreams Become Reality

Wei Shi TohDonors, May / June 2017

Group shot with Rajagopal

HCA patient Rajagopal receives a motorised scooter from an anonymous sponsor through Dream Makers. Walking to the train station and climbing seemingly endless flights of stairs while lamenting about the sweltering heat — we often take for granted simple blessings like the ability to walk and get around on our daily routines. For 85-year-old Rajagopal S/O Manickam, who suffers from … Read More

Condiments of Love

Wei Shi TohFeature, May / June 2017, Volunteer Spotlight

Mdm Khi San at Day Care Centre

We bid farewell to one of HCA’s longest-serving volunteers, Khi San. William Shakespeare once said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” For 77-year-old Mdm Tio Khi San, her gift took the form of culinary skills, which she has generously lavished upon the patients at HCA’s Day Care Centre … Read More