“Precious Gems 12″ – A Gem of a Baby



We arrived at Baby Aggie’s* home to find her sound asleep, curled up like a little ball. Save for the tubes coming out of her nose and those bundled around her feet, Aggie looks just like any other adorable and cuddly baby. Delivered by emergency Caesarean section at 32 weeks, Aggie’s brain is damaged due to oxygen deprivation. She was … Read More

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Kind Benefactors

Wei Shi TohA Note of Thanks!, Donors, March / April 2017


Donors are vital to our survival! HCA’s annual operating costs incurred from serving our patients are partially funded by MOH and NCSS. We rely on kind donations from members of the public and corporations to cover the rest of our expenditure. We would like to highlight and thank the following corporate and community partners for their generosity in February and March 2017: … Read More

Complex Cancer Pain: A Thorny Issue

Wei Shi TohMarch / April 2017

The audience at APN Kahvidah's talk.

HCA’s Advance Practice Nurse Kahvidah Nathan delivered a talk on HCA’s Complex Cancer Pain Management Protocol on 28 March 2017. For patients afflicted with debilitating complex cancer pain, quality of life is greatly impacted. Managing complex cancer pain effectively requires a multifaceted approach, involving input from different members of the clinical and psychosocial teams. As part of the monthly SHC-LCPC … Read More

Boards from the Heart

Wei Shi TohFeature, March / April 2017

Andrew Greene with his dexterity boards.

These dexterity boards may not look like much, but they are unique and specially tailored for the needs of HCA’s day care patients. They are also the brainchild of a 15-year-old Eagle Scout aspirant. It all started from a desire to do something meaningful for the patients of HCA Hospice Care. After spending time with the patients who regularly attend … Read More

Conversations about Death

Wei Shi TohMarch / April 2017

MSW Venus discusses end-of-life issues.

Talking about illness and impending death: how and where should we start? Death, dying and illness are topics shrouded in much taboo, even as our society has progressed tremendously in the past few decades. However, it is inevitable that these conversations have to be broached eventually, whether it’s due to a sudden bout of illness or age-related deterioration. To explore … Read More

HCA’s Star PALS Fiesta 2017

Wei Shi TohMarch / April 2017, Star PALS

MOSH! at Sentosa

From adrenaline-filled activities to music performances, participants of the Star PALS Fiesta 2017 were treated to an unforgettable day of fun and play. HCA Hospice Care’s Star PALS patients and their family members, bereaved parents and discharged patients were invited to the Star PALS Fiesta on 11 March 2017 at Sentosa. The atmosphere was bustling with excitement and the following … Read More