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Congratulations, Nurse Lily Li Ke Jia, for receiving the Nurses Merit Award 2015!
22 October 2015

We would like to congratulate Nurse Li Ke Jia Lily for receiving the Nurses Merit Award 2015! With 12 years of experience in nursing, Lily is an Assistant Nurse Manager of Star PALS, a service under HCA Hospice Care, providing paediatric palliative care to children in the community.

The award is given to nurses who have demonstrated consistent and outstanding performance for the past three years, participating in professional development and promoting the nursing profession.

“Lily is a very committed and dedicated team leader, caring for her patients and caregivers,” says Angela, Senior Nurse Manager of HCA Hospice Care.

Lily has gone beyond and touched the hearts of many children and their families, leaving a huge imprint on their lives. As a palliative nurse, she considers it a privilege to enter every child’s life at such a crucial moment. Witnessing the resilience and joy her patients display through their physical struggles teaches Lily valuable lessons and encourages her to press on doing the work she does. Lily steadfastly believes that all her patients and their families deserve the best possible care and support, and is determined to find ways to better their lives.

Her commitment is evidently expressed through the close knitted relationship with her patients and their families. She would remember children’s birthdays and buy presents for them. She constantly finds ways to grant the last wishes of her patients and use her own weekends to help mind the children so families could have the time to handle their own business. Many caregivers trust, appreciate and feel assured with the guidance and love from Lily.

Coloured by her spiritual beliefs, Lily feels that death is not the end of life and it motivates her to do more for those under her care.

“It is the start of something eternal for the dead and a growing process for loved ones around. That makes my job important,”says Lily.

Just like anyone else, patients and their families need the human element of love, care and affirmation. Lily makes the effort to relate to each of them according to their background, needs and abilities.

“Every child that crosses my path would always take a part of me away in exchange for a part of themselves and their family,” says Lily as she reminisces her time spent with children under her care. “They have definitely left deep memories I will treasure forever.”

These experiences touch the heart of Lily and bring meaning to the work she does.

“I am more than thankful for the award. The children are the ones who made it possible. It is really all about living and transforming lives, not about dying,” says Lily.

Nurse Lily received the award at Ministry of Health Dinner and Dance 2015.  Extremely honoured and humbled to receive the Nurses’ Merit Award 2015, she continues to stand firm in her belief.

“Every patient is precious in God’s eyes, nothing makes me happier than knowing I am part of their lives. I will keep striving to serve them with my best, even with the limited time and resources,”says Lily.

Nurses of HCA Hospice Care go the extra mile to provide the best for their patients. You may drop a word of encouragement for Nurse Lily and her team at communications@hcahospicecare.org.sg. You may visit http://www.starpals.sg/ to find out more about Star PALS and the work we do.