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The Seasons of Art Virtual Charity Exhibition

A virtual art exhibition by HCA patient Mr Lee How Son

22 April 2021

Art is both a source of joy and an expression of life’s seasons for our patient Mr Lee How Son. The four-time cancer survivor has completed thousands of paintings and calligraphy works over the last two decades, spanning diverse themes, including majestic landscapes, Chinese poems, animals and fruits.

With a background in architecture and following his retirement, Mr Lee has always had a keen eye for aesthetics, devoting himself to art. Despite his prolonged battles with cancer, Mr Lee remains positive and cheerful, preferring to focus on his artistic pursuits and gardening, instead of dwelling on his health condition.

One of Mr Lee’s wishes is to hold an art exhibition, to showcase some of the works he has completed over the years. As part of HCA’s “A Good Day” project, we have put together a virtual charity exhibition for Mr Lee, titled “The Seasons of Art”.

Visit the exhibition here 

All paintings featured in the exhibition are for sale with proceeds going towards HCA Hospice Care. We thank Mr Lee for this generous donation of paintings.

Please contact Mel at melB@hcahospicecare.org.sg if you would like to purchase any of the paintings.

About “A Good Day”

The “A Good Day” project first began in 2019, to explore what a good day means to our patients as they approach the end of life. Each patient’s definition is unique – ranging from holding an art exhibition, to reliving cherished childhood memories – yet interconnected by the desire to live life with dignity while dying.